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APW waterjet international business

Every event of APW makes the company grow a little. At last, all the growth make the company have changed. It becomes the leader and the largest waterjet manufacturer in waterjet industry of China, unconsciously.

APW Events

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APW Events

2015.11 "Waterjet-rescue vehicle" began to put on production.
2015.7 "Wuhan University--APW" Waterjet technology research center was founded.
2015.3 APW participated in the declaration of "Composites and Special High Temperature Resistance Materials Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Processing Equipment and Technology" program, and successfully participated into 2015 National "863" program.
2014.12 Finished the shareholding reform and successfully listed on 鈥淣ew Three Board", became the "First Waterjet Manufacturer in Chinese Stock Market".
2014.9 A new production base as large as 600000 square ft was built. APW becomes the largest waterjet manufacturer.
2014.5 Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Technology Appliance Industrialization Demonstration Base laid a foundation
2013.10 Awarded "Safety Production Standard Corporation"
2013.7 Pioneered "Dual-Core" Waterjet leading waterjet industry into the new generation
2012.12 Awarded "Liaoning Innovation Small and Medium-Sized Corporation"
2012.11 Awarded "Liaoning High-Tech Corporation"
2012.7 CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Program was named the third prize of Lioaning Excellent New Products.
2012.7 Awarded "Axis Free Tilting CNC Waterjet" Patent.
2012.6 Awarded "Waterjet and Saw Cutting Combined CNC Machine" Patent.
2012.4 After shareholding reforming, the company name was officially changed to "Shenyang All-Powerful Science and Technology Stock Co., Ltd."
2012.2 Awarded "CNC Vertical Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet鈥 Patent.
2011.9 Awarded "Submerged CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet" Patent
2011.8 Awarded "Vehicular Waterjet Rescue Vehicle", "Dust Cover Free Waterjet" Patents.
2011.7 Awarded "420MPa Ultra-High Pressure Attenuator Flat Face Hard Seal鈥 Patent.
2011.4 Awarded "CNC 5-Axis Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet" Patent
2011.3 Awarded "China AAA Credit Corporation"
2011.1 Awarded "Liaoning Corporation Technology Center".
2011.1 Participated in drafting the Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet National Standard(GB/T26136-2010).
2009.9 CNC 5-Axis Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Program was named the third prize by Shenyang Government.
2009.1 Awarded "Waterjet Cutting Head Auto Adjustment System" Patent.
2008.12 Awarded "Liaoning High-Tech Corporation", "Shenyang Corporation Technology Center".
2008.12 CNC 5-Axis Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Program was awarded the provincial level science and technology research achievement.
2008.3 Awarded "Shenyang Trustworthy Corporation".
2008.2 ISO9001 Quality Management System Certified.
2007.12 Awarded "China Famous Brand" Certification.
2007.11 CE Certified
2007.4 Awarded "CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Dynamic Cutting Head" Patent.
2006.5 Shenyang All-Powerful Science and Technology Corporation was established, funding by Shenyang All-Powerful High Pressure Waterjet Technology Corporation and APWUS Corporation in USA.
2003.5 Awarded "CNC Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet" Patent.
2002.10 APW brand CNC High Pressure Waterjet was awarded the listing Brand in Chinese Market Economy.
2002.2 Shenyang All-Powerful High Pressure Waterjet Technology Corporation was established.

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