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Waterjet System Software

Control software is the core of waterjet machine. Our waterjet software has lots of characteristics and functions.

Waterjet Software

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Waterjet Software

Our company's waterjet using our own waterjet software to control 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis waterjet.

PC requirement:

Support Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win 7;
CPU: above 1.5GHz;
Memory capacity: above 256M;
Hard disk: above 80G.

waterjet software

Relevant waterjet software characteristics and functions like follow:

1. It can control the stepper motor and AC servo motor.
2. It has good UI experience.
3. The software supports the international standard of ISO code and DXF files produced by Auto CAD with auto series connection.
4. Static and dynamic simulate function, automatically check the phrase mistake of NC code.
5. Easy control. You can manual-auto process, pause, continue, back off processing, single segment, etc.
6. Dual-protection mode, both on software and hardware, keeps people safety.
7. It can recover to the coordinate axis if there are any breakpoints.
8. With diagnosis and real time tips for various fault operation.
9. The whole software interface of CNC system is designed according to the requirement of professional CNC system, which is convenient to operate.
10. Support DXF files and NC code. Easy to use.
11. Support forward and backward without shutting down machine.
12. Set up parameter easily.
13. Intelligent operation: As changing speed during processing will have great effect on quality of products, the control system can automatically adjust the cutting speed of each axis to make sure the synthesis speed equal to the required processing speed no matter when cutting a line or an arc.
14. Automatic processing the small arc speed.
15. Auto-cycle process: when process a kind of product for a large number, we can set the number of cycles. It can keep continually processing during the whole process, which improves the productivity.
16. Coordinate axis recovery if the power off. It can automatically remember the coordinate axis as long as ten times. If power off, it can still automatically recover the working coordinate.
17. It can control up-speed parameter and down-speed parameter separately.
18. Easy to pause and continue process at any time.

The control system includes ISA control card. The ISA control card supports the Industrial Control Computer.

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