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APW water jet cutting

Choose APW waterjet cutting, we will bring 5 advantages for you. APW waterjet is your best choice for waterjet technology.

Waterjet Cutting

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Waterjet Cutting

Choose APW waterjet cutting, we will bring 5 advantages for you:

Product advantages:

APW cutting machine has a high stability by adopting imported accessories and parts with high quality. Both X-axis and y-axis are using alu-ally instead of iron, which is more difficult deformation and ensure high accuracy. The waterjet tank uses separated structure, which avoids the accuracy problem caused by tank distortion. The adjustable cutting table can solve the problem caused by the uneven ground. In addition, with the auto abrasive delivery system, auto lubricating oil pump and the high stability waterjet pump, our machine will bring you a more smooth cutting experience.

Company advantages:

APW is the largest waterjet manufacturer in China. We are also one of four drafters of Chinese Waterjet Cutting Technology Standards. Choosing APW, you are choosing an international brand. With advanced production equipments, we can make mass production of satisfactory and high-quality waterjet machine for the you. Moreover, we are the first and the only IPO waterjet manufacturer in China.

R&D ability advantages:

Complete research system gives APW the ability of making a wide range of products. We invented China鈥檚 first water jet fire truck and China鈥檚 first glass screen cutter for mobile phone, which approved our strong R&D ability in water jet application area. The expert-level R&D team and numerous research laboratories all contribute to the establishing of the world-class brand of APW.

High quality controlling advantages:

Our comprehensive testing reports and advanced quality inspection tools can ensure the high reliability of the machine.

Service advantages:

We provide our customers customized service. For each customer, we have exclusive salesperson and technician for YOU to follow YOUR order and solve YOUR problems. We also provide free cutting test and online cutting video tutorials for our customer.

APW waterjet cutting is your best choice for waterjet technology.

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